Sunday, December 8, 2013

Some Memorabilia and a Reminder

Save the date: January 3, 2014 for our next gathering. 
More details to be posted.

Thanks to Joe Haepers for the following images:

1972 Aerial Photo

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Pictures - Holiday Party January 4, 2013

There are ~51 attendees in the group picture, although some people came just for the cocktail hour and left before the photo.  It was another great turnout and a wonderful evening. 

Thank you Charlie and Julie!

(LtoR) Greta Davis, Bill Hartley, Stuart McDonald, Mark Greene, Bob Hand, Pete Kapadia

(LtoR) Bruce Burgess, Paul Piscia, Julie Hall

(LtoR) Carl Seidel, Joe Haepers, Brad Hurst, Randy Fontaine, Charlie Capps

(LtoR) Veronica Smith-Michelin, Bill Mann, Lynne Mann, Jose Hechavarria, Mark Green

(LtoR Standing)  Bill Neacy, Fred Liberatore, Joe Glajch 
(LtoR Seated)  Rich Sachleben, Ned Cheeseman, Elly Madrigal, Nelson Sanabria, Willow DiLuzio, Carol Enon, Georgia Dohery, Tim Myott 

(LtoR Standing) Mike Bresnick, Mary Bresnick
(LtoR Seated) Lynne Evers, John Evers, Jim Castner  

(LtoR) Bob Gill, Paul Strati, Bob Chamberlain, Marcia Borysthen, Dick Delmore, Linda Drachman Bently  

(LtoR) Rich Destrempe, Bill Brown, Frank Byron, Jim Correia, Mike Schuttenberg  

(LtoR) Karen Boyd-Carr, Rick Carr, Diane Greene Lachance, Paul Lachance